MARF, Inc. Residential Services
MARF Inc. is composed of two residential programs. Chiles Ave. Group Home and St. Dunstan Manor Group Home.  We propose that the most successful way to prepare those we support to live as independently as possible is to provide normal living and learning environments in local neighborhoods.  Our homes or apartment, is much like yours, equipped as normally as possible.  We feel our programs should not segregate those we serve for living and training, but rather should take full advantage of the wonderful opportunities to learn that abound in our diverse community. Each of our consumers receives services under the direction of a caring staff. These services are coordinated by a Qualified Professional, whose specialty is intellectual and developmental challenges.

Chiles Ave. Group Home
22 Chiles Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

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                                                               St. Dunstan's Manor Group Home 
                                         46 St. Dusntan's Cir. Asheville, NC 28801